Israel, Hamas, and the World--What's Next? James Ketterer & Chip Usher

FPA Fellow Sarwar Kashmeri discusses Israel, Hammas, and the world with James Ketterer and William "Chip" Usher on Polaris Live.

Without warning the world has entered a very dangerous moment. With the impending Israel invasion of Gaza, in retribution for the massacre in Israel by Hamas militants; the gathering two powerful U.S. aircraft carrier groups in the Mediterranean Sea; the threat of further attacks in the West Bank; and the bifurcation, again, of the world between the West (largely supporting Israel) and the rest (largely supporting Palestine). Again, because the world is already in one war (Ukraine-Russia) with a similar division of sentiments.

But this latest conflict comes as there is an unfolding power shift taking place in the Middle East: the emergence of China as a major commercial and political player upending the prior U.S. dominance in the Arab world.





Dean James Ketterer is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Civic Engagement at Bard College, where he previously served as Dean of International Studies and Director of the Bard Globalization and International Affairs program. He recently completed a 4-year term in Egypt as the Dean of the School of Continuing Education at the American University in Cairo; in 2011-2013 he was Egypt Country Director for Amideast. He has also served in government at the state and federal levels, including the Near East-South Asia office of the National Security Council.


William “Chip” Usher is the Senior Director for Intelligence at the Special Competitiveness Studies Project. Prior to SCSP, Chip served 32 years in the Central Intelligence Agency where he held a variety of executive positions. Chip is a former member of the Senior Intelligence Service and has expertise on East Asia, the Near East, and Eurasia. He is passionate about enhancing the US Intelligence Community’s ability to deliver timely, relevant intelligence insights to US decisionmakers.