FPA Report: “The Telegram, A China Agenda for Pres. Biden”

July 15, 2021

U.S. NO LONGER HAS Military Superiority in the Asia Pacific, According to New Foreign POLICY Association Report

In the event of a conflict in the South China Sea, The U.S. Navy—including its massive aircraft carriers—could not operate within 1000 km of the Chinese coast

NEW YORK – A new Foreign Policy Association report being released next week has found the United States cannot currently plan its China strategy with the assumption of military superiority in the Asia Pacific, because it no longer possesses such an advantage. Authored by FPA Fellow Sarwar Kashmeri, the report outlines how America’s China strategy does not reflect today’s reality—that of an increasingly rich, technically advanced, and confident China that is also the preeminent military power in the Indo-Pacific.

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