World Affairs Council Update

An Uncertain Future
Major Epidemics of the Modern Era" Council on Foreign Relations  
How Coronavirus Is Shaping Up the Moral Universe” John Authers -- Bloomberg, March 29, 2020 
The Psychological Trauma That Awaits Our Doctors and Nurses” Jennifer Senior -- New York Times, March 29, 2020 
"'Strike Again': U.S. Scientist Predicts Coronavirus Return in Fall” Al Jazeera, April 1, 2020 
The Robots Are Ready as the COVID-19 Recession Spreads” Mark Muro; Robert Maxim; Jacob Whiton -- Brookings, March 24, 2020 
The Comeback Nation” Ruchir Sharma -- Foreign Affairs, March 31, 2020  
After the Pandemic: America and National Security in a Changed World” David Barno and Nora Bensahel -- War on the Rocks, March 31, 2020 
Coordinating Leadership
In War Against Coronavirus: Is China Foe or Friend?” Graham Allison and Christopher Li -- The National Interest, March 27, 2020  
Five World Leaders: No Time for Geopolitical Turf Battles” Frank-Walter Steinmeier -- Financial Times, March 31, 2020 
Competition or Coordination: Coronavirus in the Developing World” Daniel Runde; William Garvelink; Janina Staguhn -- Center for Strategic and International Studies, March 27, 2020 
Battling a Pandemic
The Thing That Determines a Country’s Resistance to the Coronavirus” Francis Fukuyama -- The Atlantic, March 30, 2020
"COVID-19 Extends the Tenure of Fragile European Governments" Adriano Bosoni -- Real Clear World, April 1, 2020 
Hungary Passes Law That Will Let Orbán Rule by Decree” Shaun Walker and Jennifer Rankin -- The Guardian, March 30, 2020 
Merkel’s Moment of Truth” Matthew Karnitschnig -- Politico, March 26, 2020 
China Isn’t Helping Italy. It’s Waging Information Warfare.” Mattia Ferraresi -- Foreign Policy, March 31, 2020 
Turkmenistan Bans the Word 'Coronavirus'” Reporters Without Borders, March 31, 2020 
Triple Threat: Health, Conflict, and Border Security
The Transformation of the Iraqi-Syrian Border: From a National to a Regional Frontier" Harith Hasan and Kheder Khaddour -- Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, March 31, 2020 
Coronavirus Cease-Fire Offers Pause in Yemen War” Amberin Zaman -- Al-Monitor, March 27, 2020 
The Coronavirus Closes Borders” George Friedman -- Geopolitical Features, March 31, 2020  
India Racked By Greatest Exodus Since Partition Due to Coronavirus” Hannah Ellis-Petersen and Manoj Chaurasia -- The Guardian, March 30, 2020  
Protecting Yourself in a Migrant Camp” Stephanie Hegarty and Yousef Eldin -- BBC, March 31, 2020
Pompeo Brief
Afghan, Taliban Prisoner Exchange to Begin Amid Coronavirus” Abdul Qadir Sediqi and Hamid Shalizi -- Reuters, April 1, 2020  
North Korea Says Pompeo Made It Lose All Interest in Dialogue With U.S.” Choe Sang-Hun -- New York Times, March 30, 2020 
Mike Pompeo Outlines Blueprint for Democratic ‘Transition’ in Venezuela” Guy Taylor -- The Washington Times, March 31, 2020  
Maduro Indicted
A Defiant Maduro Threatens ‘Cowboy’ Trump After Drug Charge” Joshua Goodman and Scott Smith -- Associated Press, March 27, 2020