Great Decisions in a Faith-Based Organization

Great Decisions in faith based organizationsGreat Decisions is America's largest discussion program on world affairs. The name is shared by a national civic-education program, briefing book, teacher’s guide and PBS television series produced by the Foreign Policy Association. The Great Decisions program highlights eight critical foreign policy challenges facing Americans each year. In faith-based organizations across the country, Great Decisions discussion group participants discuss and debate each issue and complete a national opinion ballot to communicate their views to Congress and the White House. Supported by the Foreign Policy Association for over 50 years, Great Decisions involves citizens in the foreign policy making process.

The Great Decisions program allows your faith-based organization to bring the foreign policy debate into your community, and is easily tailored to meet your community’s needs.  

There are countless benefits to having Great Decisions in your faith community, but here are a few. Great Decisions:

  • Reflects your faith community’s global perspective by bringing foreign policy issues home.
  • Inspires participants to learn more about the world.
  • Fosters and nurtures civic participation through the National Opinion Ballot Report, an annual report compiled from Great Decisions participants’ views on the eight topics for that year and by raising awareness of critical national issues.
  • Provides a dynamic framework for community discussion while encouraging understanding of alternative views.
  • Enriches communities through a free exchange of ideas and through a knowledge of other cultures.