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Great Decisions 2021 TV Series DVD

Publication Date:
January 01, 2021
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David StrathairnNarrated by Academy Award nominated actor David Strathairn, Great Decisions in Foreign Policy brings you eight half-hour documentaries, each tackling a different challenge facing America today. The 2021 series features over 100 of the most important figures in international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.   Note: The DVD cannot be returned, all sales are final.    



Episode Descriptions:

Ep. 1 Global Supply Chains 

In spring 2020, dire shortages of medical supplies focused public attention on how much critical equipment is produced overseas. Great Decisions investigates the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global trade and asks how to secure supply chains that stretch around the world.

Ep. 2
Persian Gulf Security 

As oil prices plummet and fatigue mounts from two decades of war, policymakers are reevaluating long-held assumptions about American engagement in the Persian Gulf. Great Decisions asks whether the United States remains the dominant power in a changing region.

Ep. 3 Brexit and the European Union

Although Britain has left the European Union, the ramifications of Brexit are far from fully settled. Great Decisions asks whether the United Kingdom can remain united and considers how Brexit will change Britain’s relationships with Europe and the United States.

Ep. 4 Struggles Over the Melting Arctic

As the polar icecap retreats, the Arctic is becoming a focus for economic development and geopolitical rivalry. Great Decisions investigates the ambitions of Arctic powers both old and new and asks whether a spirit of cooperation can endure.

Ep. 5 China’s Role in Africa

As cash-strapped nations across Africa have turned to China to build much-needed infrastructure, they have stepped into the middle of a geopolitical rivalry. Great Decisions investigates China’s influence and explores the Chinese–American competition in Africa.

Ep. 6 The Korean Peninsula

From an impoverished, war-torn nation to the world’s twelfth largest economy, South Korea’s transformation has been extraordinary. Great Decisions investigates South Korea’s rapid development and examines its evolving partnership with the United States.

Ep. 7 Roles of International Organizations in a Global Pandemic

As Covid-19 brought the world to a grinding halt, the World Health Organization became a political flashpoint. Great Decisions explores how geopolitical rivalries are affecting public health and asks how the international community can prepare for the next pandemic.

Ep. 8 The end of globalization?

After World War II, the United States developed the system of international institutions we know today. But the American appetite for multilateralism has since diminished. Great Decisions asks whether global cooperation can endure in an era of nationalist retrenchment.