National Opinion Ballot


The 2013 National Opinion Ballot



Great Decisions Discussion Program participants may submit their ballots for Great Decisions 2013 topics online until June 30, 2013. Use the links below to access the ballots for each topic.






Great Decisions 2013 Opinion Ballots


Topic 1: The future of the euro


Topic 2: Egypt


Topic 3: NATO


Topic 4: Myanmar


Topic 5: Intervention


Topic 6: Iran


Topic 7: China in Africa


Topic 8: Threat assessment




National Opinion Ballot Report 2012


The National Opinion Ballot Report (NOBR) features tabulation of opinion ballots submitted by participants in the Great Decisions program. Since 1955, opinion ballots for each topic have been included with Great Decisions to enable those interested to make their views known to the U.S. public, policymakers and other Great Decisions participants.


Download the National Opinion Ballot Report 2012 (PDF)