The 2016 Presidential Election: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead (Video)

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Thursday, January 26, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Credit Suisse
One Madison Avenue
New York, NY
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Lecture / Panel  

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Event Speakers

    • Stephen Schlesinger - Moderator
      Fellow, The Century Foundation

      Stephen Schlesinger is a Fellow at the Century Foundation in New York City. He is the former Director of the World Policy Institute at the New School (1997-2006) and former publisher of the quarterly magazine, The World Policy Journal. Mr. Schlesinger received his BA from Harvard University and his JD from Harvard Law School. He spent four years as a staff writer at Time Magazine. For twelve years, he served as a speechwriter and foreign policy advisor to New York State Governor Mario Cuomo. In the mid 1990s, he worked at the United Nations at Habitat, the agency dealing with global cities. He is the author of Act of Creation: The Founding of The United Nations (Westview Press 2003), for which he won the 2004 Harry S. Truman Book Award; Bitter Fruit: The Story of the U.S. Coup in Guatemala (Doubleday 1982, with Stephen Kinzer) cited as one of the New York Times’ “notable books” for 1982 which has sold over 100,000 copies; and The New Reformers (Houghton Mifflen 1975). He is co-editor (with Andrew Schlesinger) of the best-selling Journals 1952-2000 Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., (Penguin Press 2007), and of The Letters of Arthur Schlesinger Jr. (Random House 2013). In 2016, he wrote the new introduction to President John Kennedy’s first book, Why England Slept, reissued by Praeger. He is a specialist on the United Nations and on the foreign policies of the Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations. His website is:

    • Stephen Schlesinger
    • Ellen Fitzpatrick
      Professor, University of New Hampshire

      Ellen Fitzpatrick, a professor and scholar specializing in modern American political and intellectual history, is the author and editor of eight books. She has been interviewed as an expert on modern American political history by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, CBS’s Face the Nation, National Public Radio and has appeared on the PBS News Hour. The New York Times bestseller Letters to Jackie became the basis of a highly regarded documentary film by Bill Couturie entitled Letters to Jackie: Remembering President Kennedy, and The Highest Glass Ceiling: Women’s Quest for the American Presidency, published by Harvard University Press in February 2016.

    • Ellen Fitzpatrick
    • Nicholas Wapshott
      Biographer; International Editor, Newsweek,

      Author and journalist Nicholas Wapshott is the International Editor of Newsweek, where he presides over the magazine's foreign and U.S. political coverage, and is a Reuters columnist, writing across a range of political, foreign and economic subjects. His most recent book, The Sphinx: Franklin Roosevelt, the Isolationists and the Road to World War II, is published by W W Norton in November. In telling the story of how FDR gradually persuaded a reluctant nation to join the British in defeating Nazism and fascism, he raises the question of whether America is currently witnessing a rise in neo-isolationism stemming from war weariness and a desire among some to severely cut the defense budget. 

      Wapshott's previous books include the best selling Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics, which became the standard text to describe the division between right and left in macroeconomic thought, and Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: A Political Marriage, the first biography to make extensive use of the two leaders' state archives. He wrote the first serious and impartial biography of Margaret Thatcher in 1983. He is also the biographer of the film-maker Carol Reed and actors Peter O'Toole and Rex Harrison.

      Wapshott was the editor of The Times, London, Saturday edition before arriving in the U.S. in 2001 to become the paper's U.S. correspondent. Since making his permanent home here he has worked for the Sunday Telegraph, the New York Sun, helped found the Daily Beast, and run the editorial side of Oprah Winfrey's website, He lives in New York City.


    • Julian Zelizer
      Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, Class of 1941 Professor of History and Public Affairs, Princeton University

      Julian Zelizer is the Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, Class of 1941 Professor of History and Public Affairs at Princeton University and a fellow at New America. He is a contributor to CNN where he writes a weekly column and appears on television. He is the author and editor of 18 books on American political history and over 600 op-eds, including in the New York Times and Washington Post. He appears regularly on television, radio, and in print to comment on politics in historical perspective. Zelizer's most recent book is The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress and the Battle for the Great Society (Penguin Press).  

    • Julian Zelizer