PHOTOS & VIDEO - Kenya After the Elections - Peacebuilding and the Way Forward

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM 
Banco Santander
45 East 53rd Street
New York , NY
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In 2007, ethnic and political tensions led to one of the most turbulent election cycles in Kenya's history. While international mediation helped curb violence and assisted in the creation of a power sharing government, the 2013 presidential election had many observers concerned that history may repeat itself.

Following the peaceful but contested election of Uhuru Kenyatta in March presidential polls, Kenya still faces a number of long term peacebuilding challenges, including election and judicial reform, the resettlement of displaced persons stemming from the violence in 2007 and its relationship with the International Criminal Court, international community and the United States.

The Foreign Policy Association hosted a special screening of a news report on Kenya's progress since its 2007 elections,  presented and produced by Kira Kay and Jason Maloney of the Bureau for International Reporting and broadcast nationally on PBS NewsHour. The screening was followed by a discussion of the way forward with Kenya experts Jacqueline Klopp and Abdullahi Boru.




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BIR Special Report on Kenya

Watch Memories of Violence Haunt Upcoming Election in Kenya on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Kenya After the Elections Discussion 


Event Speakers

    • Kira Kay
      Bureau of International Reporting

      Kira Kay is a television news journalist based in New York, whose international work has been seen on PBS, ABC, CBS and CNN.  Recently she covered U.S. military actions in Africa for Dan Rather Reports, explored the economic impact of a rising global middle class for PBS NOW, reported on the plight of Iraqi refugees in Jordan for PBS Wide Angle and seved as correspondent and producer for a multiple award-winning report on the conflict in Northern Uganda for PBS Newshour and HDNet World Report.

    • Kira Kay
    • Jason Maloney
      Bureau of International Reporting

      Jason Maloney is an award-winning cameraman, editor and news and documentary producer specializing in foreign affairs coverage.  His work has appeared on ABC, CBC, CBS, CNN, Discovery, HDNet, PBS, and  In the past two years Jason has reported for PBS NewsHour from Libera, Ukraine, Lebanon, Bosnia, Rwanda, Haiti, East Timor and the Canadian sub-Arctic.  

    • Jason Maloney
    • Jacqueline Klopp
      Associate Research and Adjunct Professor, Columbia University

      Jacqueline Klopp is an Associate Research Scholar at the Earth Institute, Columbia University and an adjunct assistant professor of international and public affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs. Klopp's research focuses on the intersection of development, democratization, violence, and corruption. Klopp is the author of articles for Africa Today, African Studies Review, African Studies, Canadian Journal of African Studies, and the International Peace Academy. She is currently working on "The Politics of Violence in Democratization" and a project on democratization, civil society, and the internally displaced in Kenya.


    • Jacqueline Klopp
    • Abdullahi Boru
      Horn of Africa Analyst

      Abdullahi Boru is a Horn of Africa analyst, specializing in Kenya, who has worked with International Crisis Group, where he authored several reports in the lead up to Kenya's recent elections, and the BBC East Africa Bureau where he covered Kenya's 2007/2008 elections and post-election violence.  He is currently a consultant for the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, researching the impact of international intervention on Kenya's election proceedings.  While obtaining his Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University, he analyzed issues of international conflict, election violence, and post-conflict reconciliation in Kenya for Columbia's United Nations Program .  He has additionally worked at several UN organizations in New York and with non-governmental organizations in East Africa, focusing on conflict issues. 

    • Abdullahi Boru
    • Robert Nolan - Moderator
      Editor/Producer, Foreign Policy Association

      Robert Nolan is an editor at the Foreign Policy Association and producer of Great Decisions in Foreign Policy on PBS. A contributing writer for U.S. News and World Report, Robert also manages, the largest network of blogs on international affairs on the Web. A former Peace Corps volunteer in Zimbabwe, his monograph on the African Union was published in fall of 2010, and he's written extensively on African music. He is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the National Peace Corps Association and resides in New York City.

    • Robert Nolan

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